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$1,000 Donors


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$500 Donors


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$250 Donors


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CBHS is excited to announce the 2,000 for $1,000,000 Annual Fund Initiative  (2K for $1M).  This initiative is striving to grow the Annual Fund to $1,000,000 by growing our monthly recurring giving program thus strengthening the foundation of external support for CBHS for years to come!  

2K for $1M Goals



The goal of the 2K for $1M Annual Fund initiative is to grow monthly recurring giving at three primary levels: $1,000$500, and $250 per year.  Below is a breakdown of each level in 12 monthly donations:


Monthly recurring giving makes a huge impact on CBHS.  Monthly donations build the foundation of support that CBHS can plan, project, and budget for.  Designated monthly recurring giving also provides a steady stream of support for all our extracurricular programs.

"Graduating from Christian Brothers High School had a profound impact on my life at a young age: the school’s demanding curriculum instilled within me a tremendous work ethic, an insatiable desire for success, and a “servant leader” attitude.  I support CBHS on a monthly recurring basis to offer the school a means to do the same for other young men."

-      Will Duffel, CBHS Class of 2006

“For my family, this program provides convenience of giving. To the CBHS family, I feel it provides long term planning capabilities.”

-          Larkin Grisanti, CBHS Class of 1993

“I find it so much easier to make a payroll deduction or recurring gift to CBHS every month.  I am so appreciative of everything CBHS has done for me and my family.  If I can contribute something each month, I know it will help future young students to become Brothers Boys.

-          George Pratt, CBHS Class of 1965

Supporting CBHS in this way is also extremely convenient for our donors.  Our donors can choose their amount, select a monthly donation date, and know their donations are making a major impact on the lives of our Brothers' Boys!  A member of the CBHS Development staff will contact each donor a few times a year to see if any changes to be made to their gift (designation, amount, etc.), but mostly, we want to thank you for your commitment to CBHS!  

In appreciation of your Annual Fund support, CBHS provides the benefits below as a small token of our appreciation for your support!


Help us reach our goal!!

To join the 2K for $1M, click HERE.  For more questions regarding the 2K for $1M Annual Fund Initiative, please contact John Goode at jgoode@cbhs.org or (901) 261-4927.