CBHS Annual Fund to date


CBHS Annual Fund to date: $833,313 

CBHS Annual Fund Total Support Goal: $900,000



For more information regarding the 2K for $1M Annual Fund Initiative, click here.

CBHS Alumni Participation: Participation is for Annual Fund & Capital Campaign

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CBHS Alumni Participation to date: 10.31%

CBHS Alumni Participation Goal: 15%

2016-17 Alumni Giving as of 6/14/2017



 GOALS  1,675    15.0%
TOTAL 1160 11,252 10.31%
 1942  1  21  
1943 1 9
1944 3 12
1945 2 34
1946 6 44
1947 7 39
1948 12 52
1949 2 43
1950 5 62
1951 10 60
1952 8 57
1953 12 58
1954 12 67
1955 15 74
1956 16 75
1957 19 77
1958 12 94
1959 16 104
1960 19 98
1961 21 119
1962 13 94
1963 20 89
1964 23 108
1965 18 149
1966 35 127
1967 19 122
1968 25 141
1969 13 151
1970 15 159
1971 20 159
1972 29 172
1973 16 144
1974 18 177
1975 21 161
1976 18 184
1977 29 214
1978 32 202
1979 39 214
1980 35 188
1981 24 195
1982 15 181
1983 18 198
1984 18 185
1985 28 190
1986 30 179
1987 20 196
1988 13 176
1989 19 185
1990 16 180
1991 15 160
1992 12 188
1993 18 168
1994 13 166
1995 14 179
1996 19 190
1997 10 167
1998 15 197
1999 7 193
2000 11 198
2001 9 191
2002 16 199
2003 8 205
2004 9 186
2005 6 201
2006 19 184
2007 18 181
2008 15 200
2009 6 187
2010 13 198
2011 9 195
2012 9 205
2013 16 200
2014 15 194
2015 10 189
 2016 8  197  
 2017  3  217  


CBHS Annual Fund

What is the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund goes directly to the operating budget at CBHS. It allows us to maintain a tuition that is inclusive to all socioeconomic levels, which continues our mission of promoting religious, ethnic, and economic diversity.  Education occurs inside and outside the walls of CBHS, and the Annual Fund acts as a bridge between what it cost to educate a Brother’s Boy and what tuition actually provides.  The Annual Fund also supports the various activities, arts, and athletics that our Brothers' Boys participate in daily.


Tuition:                                                                                     $12,750

Fees:                                                                                          $1,930

Total Cost of Attendance:                                         $14,680

Annual Fund Support:                                                    $1,960

Total Cost of Education:                                              $16,640


2016-2017 Annual Fund Goals

The 2015-2016 was a great year for the Annual Fund with it generating over $830,000 from the gifts of 95% of CBHS families and 12.74% of alumni.  We cannot thank all who gave in 2015-2016 enough for your incredible generosity and your support of CBHS and our mission. 

The 2016-2017 goal for the Annual Fund is $900,000, which would be the highest in the history of CBHS!  We also have set the goal of 95% parent participation as well as 15% alumni participation.  We hope you consider supporting the Annual Fund as we strive to continue the rich tradition of excellence at CBHS!  Amazing things ARE happening here!

Annual Fund Donor Benefits

CBHS is ever grateful for the generosity of our donors.  Below are benefits for your support and commitment to CBHS.

Giving Level: $250-$499

- A 10% discount on all Wave Shop purchases

-Two season tickets to the CBHS sport of your choosing, excluding TSSAA Playoff events

Giving Level: $500-$999

-A 10% discount on all Wave Shop purchases

-Two season passes to all arts performances

-Two season tickets to the CBHS sport of your choosing, excluding TSSAA Playoff events

Giving Level: $1,000 +

-A 10% discount on all Wave Shop purchases

-Two season passes to all arts performances

-Two All-Season passes to every CBHS Home sporting event, excluding TSSAA Playoff events


 How can I help?

CBHS relies on the generosity of our alumni, parents, grandparents, and friends to continue our mission and providing many more opportunities for Brother’s Boys for years to come.  Support can be given to the Annual Fund as an undesignated gift, which allows it to go to the greatest area of need, or you can choose to support an activity, art, or athletic team of your choosing.  To view a list of the programs offered at CBHS, please click here

Parents and Family


Faculty and Friends 


Ways to Give

Online Giving- This is the easiest way for you to support the Annual Fund.  By using our secure online-giving website, you can make your gift with your Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover credit card.

Online Bill-Pay- Use your on-line bill payment to include a monthly check to CBHS--easy, convenient, and you drive the process. Contact your banking institution to set up payment.

Automatic Bank Draft- You may prefer a monthly deduction from your checking account (also known as ACH). You’ll print and complete an authorization form, attach a voided check and return both to CBHS. We’ll coordinate with your bank to make the monthly deduction from your account.

Print out this ACH Authorization 
Word Document/PDF, fill it out and mail it in to CBHS. 

Personal Check- All gifts should be sent to:


The CBHS Development Office

5900 Walnut Grove Road

Memphis, Tennessee 38120


Annual Fund FAQs

What does the Annual Fund support?

-The Annual Fund bridges the "gap" between what tuition and fees cover and the "Brothers' Boy Experience".  The Annual Fund also supports all of our arts, extracurricular activities, and athletic programs.

When will I be asked to give and when do I need to send my gift?

-The Annual Fund operates during the CBHS fiscal year, which is July 1, 2015 through June 30, 2016.  We ask for your support at any time you feel that is most appropriate for you.  

I’m a parent so why are you asking me to give when I pay tuition?

-Due to the "gap" that exists between what tuition and fees cover and what it truly costs to be a Brothers' Boy, we ask our parents to support the Annual Fund in an effort to bridge that "gap".  We understand that families are blessed to give at different levels, and our parents support enables us to provide a complete "Brothers' Boy Experience" inside and outside the walls of CBHS.  

As an alumni, how will I know my gift is going to where I want?

-The Annual Fund serves as the fundraising arm for all of our arts, extracurricular activities, and athletic programs.  Alumni, parents, family, and friends can make a gift to the Annual Fund and leave it undesignated to be placed to the greatest area of need.  Gifts can also be designated to any of the programs our Brothers' Boys are engaged in.  This allows our supporters to know exactly where their gift is making an impact!

Why not just raise tuition?

In continuing the mission of CBHS and St. John Baptist De Lasalle, the tuition is set to allow for individuals of all socio-economic background the opportunity to receive an education at CBHS.  

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Yes, gifts to CBHS are 100% tax-deductible.  CBHS Wave Club members are asked to consult their tax adviser in determining which portion of their CBHS Wave Club donation is tax-deductible.  ***This is for individuals who received sport season or all-season passes.***

How much should we give?

-We ask that you give what in appropriate for you.  We understand that everyone is blessed to give at certain levels, but we do ask that everyone supports and aids us in our mission.  Every gift matters and no gift is too small!!

Who can take advantage of matching gifts?

-If you are interested in taking advantage of matching gifts, please contact your employer's human resources department to see if CBHS is eligible for matching gifts.

Can we make a non-cash contribution to the Annual Fund?

-Yes, In-Kind gifts are welcomed for all of our programs.  If you have interest in supplying a direct need for one of our programs through a GIK, please contact John Goode at jgoode@cbhs.org or (901) 261-4927.

Can we restrict our gift to a certain project or purpose?

-Yes, you can designate your Annual Fund gift to the program of your choosing.  For a list of programs offered at CBHS, please direct your mouse here

Can we make our gift in honor or in memory of another person? Will that person and/or the family know we've made the gift?

-Yes, gifts to the CBHS Annual Fund in honor of someone special to you or in memory of a loved one is a great way to support CBHS as well as pay tribute to those who have meant so much to you. 

Can we make our gift anonymously?

-​Yes, if you would like to remain anonymous in our Annual Fund reporting, please indicate this to us on your donation, and the CBHS Development Office will take the appropriate steps in maintaining your privacy.

***If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact John Goode, Director of CBHS Annual Fund at jgoode@cbhs.org or (901) 261-4927.***