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Click here to see the SAGE Dining Experience Online Menu.

To help find safe items in the dining hall, click on the allergens/restrictions tab in the online menu. Then, choose the allergen(s) that you want to avoid and see how the menu adjusts. If you want to know more about a dish, click directly on the menu item to get the full list of ingredients. Using this online menu should always be accompanied by a discussion with your food service director.


Welcome to the CBHS Dining Experience

Christian Brothers High School began the 2014-15 academic year with a newly-renovated Heffernan Hall, a new Dining Hall provider, SAGE Dining Services, and food service director, Kirk Martin.

Beginning its third year of service to the school, SAGE Dining Services has expanded its menu options each year.

Martin, originally from Memphis, has worked for SAGE for the past six years, most recently in Atlanta, Georgia. He is a part-time chef instructor for a local college and loves to teach and enhance others. He will manage a staff of eight at CBHS.

Married with four children, Martin enjoys reading and sports, especially bowling.

“I look forward to sharing the variety of foods that we provide to the young men at Christian Brothers High School,” said Martin. “My passion is to educate them about food and to open eyes to many surprises that most students have never experienced.”

Sage Dining Welcome Letter