Varsity Baseball Team JV Baseball Team


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Congratulations to the following young men who have made the 2016-2017 CBHS baseball team. We welcome them and their families to the program.

Each of these young men need to attend a brief meeting in room 306 immediately after school Wednesday (8/24/16) at 11:55 am after their 4th period class.

1.   Hayden Arant
2.   Derry Cook
3.   Anthony Davis
4.   Reid Goodman
5.   Avery Hastings
6.   Eli Hendon
7.   Jackson Lyons
8.   Chris Marable
9.   Caden McCarty
10. Miles McCuller
11. Geno Spiotta
12. Heath Stuckey
13. Nicholas Vaccaro
14. Jonah Van Kampen
15. Carson Wood