Mandatory Academic Sessions


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Mandatory Academic Sessions:

  • The goal of MAS (Mandatory Academic Sessions) is to provide early intervention for struggling students.

  • Students who have earned less than 67% in any course after approximately the fourth week of each quarter will be enrolled in MAS (at the discretion of their teachers).

  • Both the student and his parents/guardians will receive notification that the student will be required to attend MAS sessions at the place and time designated by each department.

  • Any student who fails a course for a quarter (grade of 64% or lower) may automatically be re-enrolled in MAS beginning immediately with the start of the next quarter.

  • A schedule will be posted on the CBHS website with instructor and room assignments.


Student Expectations:

  • Attend all 3 sessions (Tuesday, Thursday, Friday) each week for remainder of quarter (or until released by teacher).
  • Focus on mastery and completion of school assignments during MAS sessions.
  • Ask for help when needed.
  • Demonstrate progress.



  • Students must attend all sessions (3 per week). Extra-curricular activities (including athletics) do not excuse students from attending MAS.
  • Students assigned MAS for more than one course will, in conjunction with their teachers and/or counselor, create a schedule to determine how to divide time between sessions.
  • Repeated tardiness or failure to attend all sessions may result in Saturday School.


Academic Dismissal:

  • If a student lacks the determination to attend MAS and make academic improvements, the CBHS administration will review the student’s records and the student may be dismissed from the school.