Courses and extracurricular activities at Christian Brothers High School are segmented into these departments.

  • Business Department - Accounting, Law, Management, Economics, Marketing and Finance
  • Computer Science - Technology, Software, Engineering and Computer Sciences
  • English - English Language Core Courses, Honors and AP, Etymology and Journalism
  • Fine Arts and Music - Survey of Fine Arts, Band, Theater History, Art History, Traditional and Digital Art, Acting, Chorus, Theatrical Performance
  • Foreign Language - Spanish, French, Latin, and Mandarin Chinese
  • Mathematics - Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calculus, Calculus, ACT/SAT Math Prep
  • Physical Education - Wellness Courses
  • Religion and Ethics - Hebrew Scripture, Christian Scripture, Christian and Church History, Comparative Religions, Contemporary Issues, Social Justice
  • Science - Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Environmental Science, Biomedical Science and Engineering Design
  • Social Studies - World History, US History, American Government, Current Events, Psychology, Civil Rights Movement, European History, Facing History