College Counseling

The academic program at Christian Brothers High School is college preparatory. Multiple level courses are designed to provide flexibility for individual differences and abilities. CBHS not only offers a challenging academic program but also provides a strong spiritual environment. This dual purpose not only prepares young men for college and careers but also emphasizes knowledge of self, service to the community and an understanding and appreciation of the values embodied in the traditions of Catholic Lasallian schools throughout the world.

- Individual counseling
- Small group counseling and presentations by grade level throughout each school year
- Parent/family conferences
- Parent meetings by grade level
Test preparation
Assistance for students with learning problems, including applications for extended time testing
Scholarship and financial aid workshops
- Memphis Area Case Studies Program (mock college admissions event)
- Jump Start to College program for students applying to highly selective colleges (summer before senior year)
- College Road Trips for academically qualified students (must have 3.75 or higher gpa)
- Career Day
- Transition to College Program


Naviance, a comprehensive portal for college planning, provides a central location for everything associated with self-assessment, setting goals, building a resume, college research, standardized tests, and the college application process, including electronic submission of transcripts and recommendations from teachers and counselors. Naviance also serves communication tool for counselors, students, and parents.  Each junior and senior has a personal account, which can be accessed through a computer, tablet, or smartphone app.  Freshmen, sophomores, and others are welcome to explore parts of this site:   Click on “I’m a guest.” Then enter “Brothers” as the password.

College Planning

The Counseling Department at CBHS has created a College Planning Curriculum which begins in the ninth grade with academic advising and standardized testing and continues with both group and individual sessions and activities through senior year.

Freshman Year:
  • Review 4-year course plan with counselor & discuss future plans.
  • Take the preliminary ACT called the PLAN.  De La Salle Scholars will take the PSAT.
  • Discuss PLAN scores, grades, and courses for sophomore year with counselor and parents.
  • Get involved in activities at school and in the community.  Begin a record of activities and awards/honors.
Sophomore Year: 
  • Meet with counselor to review academic record for freshman year.
  • Participate in the Sophomore Mini-Workshop.  Discuss academic & career goals with counselor & parents.
  • Take either the PLAN (Preliminary ACT) or the  PSAT (Preliminary SAT).
  • Begin exploring college opportunities.  Attend local college fairs in fall and spring. Use Internet resources.  Go to, and click on “I’m a guest.” Then enter “Brothers” as the password.  On the homepage, you will see a links to websites for college exploration. Also click on the “Colleges” tab and check out the middle section, “College Research.”

  • Discuss test scores, grades, and course registration for junior year with counselor and parents.
    Make a serious commitment to school and community activities. Update record of activities and awards/honors.
  • Investigate summer programs that fit your interests & abilities -- sports camps, academic programs on college campuses, programs in the arts, volunteer work.
Junior Year - 1st Semester:
  • Begin talking to your parents about financing your college education.
  • Continue gathering information about colleges of interest -- college fairs, the internet, meetings with college representatives.
  • Review your high school courses and plans for the future with your counselor.
  • Take the PSAT/NMSQT.
  • Seek leadership positions in school and community activities.
  • Complete your Naviance registration and recommended components of the program.
Junior Year - 2nd Semester:
  • Sign up for challenging senior courses that will prepare you for college.
  • Participate in the Junior Mini-Course for College Planning.
  • Discuss college and career plans with your parents and counselor.
  • Investigate scholarships and other financial aid opportunities.
  • If you are interested in ROTC scholarships or military academies, speak with your counselor.
  • Make a list of colleges to visit and begin campus tours.
  • Take the ACT and SAT early during the spring semester.

  • Take AP exams and SAT Subject Tests if required by colleges.
  • Consider special summer programs, volunteer work, or a part-time job.
  • Update activities and awards/honors record in Naviance.
Summer following Junior Year:
  • Update your Naviance Account.
  • Make a list of deadlines for senior year, including college applications, scholarships, and test registrations.

  • Review college application essay topics.
  • Continue campus visits.
  • Continue scholarship research.
Senior Year - 1st Semester:
  • Update your Naviance account and resume.
  • Review your courses, test scores, college admission criteria, and career plans with your counselor.
  • Narrow down your list of colleges and discuss the costs and other pertinent factors with your parents by October 1.
  • Continue gathering information about colleges -- college fairs, the internet, meetings with college representatives, campus visits.
  • Take the ACT, SAT, and SAT Subject Tests (if required).
  • Stay involved in school and community activities.  Update your Naviance account.
  • Complete applications for military academies and/or ROTC scholarships.
  • Begin applications for college admissions and for scholarships.
  • Ask your counselor and teachers for letters of recommendation if needed.
Senior Year - 2nd Semester:
  • Update your Naviance account and resume.
  • Complete college and scholarship applications.
  • File the FAFSA and CSS Profile (if needed).
  • Discuss offers from colleges with your parents and counselor and notify colleges of your decision.
  • Take AP exams.
  • Request your final transcript through Naviance for the college you will attend.

Colleges Visiting CBHS

Representatives from many colleges and universities visit CBHS throughout the school year. Meetings are open to all seniors. Juniors with a 3.0 or higher gpa may attend college meetings during the first semester; all juniors may attend meetings during second semester. In order to attend a meeting with a college representative, a student must print the college meeting form from Naviance, get the appropriate teacher's signature, and then submit the form to Mrs. Jones at least one day prior to the meeting.  Colleges and universities also host evening presentations and special programs for Memphis area students at central locations in the city. All events are posted in Naviance.

College Visits for Seniors

If a senior visits a college on a school day other than one of the designated College Visit Days (determined each year) or school holidays, his absence will be treated as a normal absence from school and will count as such when a review is made of attendance records for exam exemptions and “Perfect Attendance” recognition. He is allowed to make up all class work for the day(s) missed.  The only other absences to be counted as official College Visit Days will be absences in response to official invitations from colleges for special scholarship consideration, such as interviews, exams, auditions, and try-outs that are scheduled on specific dates.  To request an extra College Visit Day  for an invitation of this kind, the student must present a copy of his invitation (on college letterhead) to his counselor and then to Dean Pratt prior to his absence from school, preferably ten days in advance of the absence.

Both Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to use additional school holidays for college visits: Diocesan Professional Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, President’s Day, Spring Break, and Easter Break.  Juniors, seniors, and their parents are encouraged to contact college admission offices to set up tours of college campuses, to attend college classes, and to schedule interviews with admission and financial aid officers.


Agricenter College Fairs 

The Memphis Area College Night ( will be held on Monday, September 29 from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m. at the Agricenter.


The Greater Memphis College Fair, sponsored by the National Association for College Admission Counseling, will be held during the spring semester. Date is TBA.

College Planning Events

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