What is Dual Enrollment?  Honors Spanish III, Honors Spanish IV, Honors U.S. History, Facing History, Computer Science and Computers in Engineering are all taught by CBHS teachers who are approved CBU educators and have had their class syllabus approved by CBU administration.  Students who enroll in these courses have the option to apply for college credit for these classes through CBU.  The class year is divided into two college semesters. For example, one year of Honors Spanish III will be divided into Spanish 101, taught in the Fall, and Spanish 102, taught in the Spring.  For each semester of college work the student will receive 3 college credits from CBU.


Are CBU Dual Enrollment courses taught at CBHS?  Yes.


If I am enrolling in more than one Dual Enrollment course do I need to fill out a separate application for each course?  No.  Each student should only complete one application and indicate in the box the DE course(s) for which he wishes to apply on page one of the packet.


Do I really have to include my son’s social security number on the application?  Yes.  Your son will be utilizing a state grant so the social security number must be included and correct as well as ALL parent and student signatures.  Incomplete applications will not be processed by CBU.


Is the course material same for the honors and dual enrollment students?  Yes, with the exception of Facing History and Ourselves.  The course is the same for all students in the class.  The only difference is whether or not the student is taking the course for college credit through CBU.  Honors credit is reflected in the grade point average for either course.  Facing History and Ourselves is a standard course so to bring it up to the college level students enrolled in DE Facing History will be required to complete additional coursework.


Should my student take Dual Enrollment rather than the honors course?  If you are taking either of the computer science courses, your son must be enrolled in dual enrollment.  For Honors Spanish II, III, French III, Facing History and Honors U.S. History your son has the option of applying for the dual enrollment credits through CBU.  Since these will be the start of their college transcript, only students who are serious about achieving at the A or B level should apply for CBU dual enrollment.  This is the beginning of their college transcript and these courses and grades will follow them to the college they choose to attend after graduation.


What happens if my student does not make an A or B?  Students must qualify for the dual enrollment grant each semester.  Students with a CBU grade point average lower than a 2.75 will not receive the dual enrollment grant and may not be permitted by CBU to take the second semester of the dual enrollment course.  If a student is not accepted into the second semester of the dual enrollment class, the student’s schedule will be changed to the honors course.


Do all colleges and universities accept the CBU Dual Enrollment credits?  It is the responsibility of your son to have his CBU transcript sent to his chosen college or university after high school graduation through CBU.  It will be up to the individual college to utilize the credits for course requirements or general electives. Visit: https://www.cbu.edu/cbu-transcript-request to find out how to have your transcript sent from CBU.


Will receiving the TN Dual Enrollment Grant affect my TN Hope Lottery Scholarship?  Semester hours attempted under the Dual Enrollment Grant program grant shall not count toward the total semester hours attempted at postsecondary institutions for purposes of Tennessee HOPE Scholarship eligibility. The corresponding grades for the postsecondary credit hours taken as a dual enrollment credits shall not be included in the postsecondary cumulative grade average for purposes of the Tennessee HOPE Scholarship program. Visit: http://www.tn.gov/collegepays/article/dual-enrollment-grant for more information.


How does my son apply for the Dual Enrollment Grant?  Either the dual enrollment coordinator or the dual enrollment teacher will assist the students in applying for the TN Dual Enrollment Grant in August.   Students who live outside the state of Tennessee can enroll in dual enrollment classes but will not be eligible for the TN Dual Enrollment Grant.


I am confused about payment.  How much will it cost and how do I pay?  Distribution of grant money and cost to parents will be as follows:

Semester 1

TN DE Grant distribution to CBU – up to $500

Parent will be billed $0 to their CBHS account

Semester 2

TN DE Grant distribution to CBU- up to $500

Parent will be billed $0 to their CBHS account

Semester 3

TN DE Grant distribution to CBU- up to $200

Parent will be billed $300 to their CBHS account

Semester 4 and beyond

TN DE Grant distribution to CBU- $0

Parent will be billed $500 to their CBHS account

DE fees will be added to the family’s CBHS invoice in November and April each year.

For questions contact pmistretta@cbhs.org



AP examinations for all courses will be administered at CBHS on the dates designated by the College Board. All students enrolled in an AP course are required to sit for the corresponding exams.  The fee for each AP examination is $97.00. Each family will receive a letter in early February stating their total fees as well as instructions and deadlines for payment. Advanced Placement Services (http://aptestservice.com/cbhs) will again handle the AP online payment process for Christian Brothers High School.  Advanced Placement Services accepts payment by credit card, debit card, PayPal, or mail.  A card processing fee will be added to all online payments.  The regular payment deadline is March 15.  A late fee will be charged after March 15.  All payments must be received by April 1. Failure to pay will result in a hold on all records as well as caps and gowns for seniors.  Test fees are non-refundable or transferable.  Fee reductions may be available to qualifying families.


Competitive colleges, military academies, scholarship applications and summer programs may require a student to attain letters of recommendation from a counselor or teachers.  If you are in need of a recommendation students should:

  1. Personally ask a teacher or counselor to write them a letter of recommendation at least ONE MONTH before the recommendation is due.  Students SHOULD NOT send an email to a teacher asking them to write a recommendation.  

  2. For a college recommendation, add that teacher to your Naviance account - Colleges I am applying to page- as a recommender to ALL colleges.

  3. For a college or Common Application counselor recommendation, students should complete the Student Information Page, located on your Naviance account or from your college counselor.  Detailed answers to the Student Information Page should be emailed to their counselor in a Microsoft Word document no less than ONE MONTH prior to their first college deadline.

  4. Follow up with a thank you card to your teacher and counselors.