ACT and SAT Extended Time Testing

The ACT and the SAT are national standardized college admissions tests. Any college in the U.S. will accept the ACT or the SAT for college admissions consideration. Both the ACT and the SAT allow qualified students extended time testing. To be eligible to apply for extended time testing, several circumstances are necessary.

1. The student must have a psychological-educational evaluation stating that he has a learning deficit or a learning disability and that, in the opinion of the evaluator, the student requires extended time on national standardized tests. A letter alone from a physician or a psychologist stating that a student has a learning deficit or a learning disability will not suffice.

2. The psychological-educational evaluation must be current. The ACT will consider evaluations that have taken place within the past 3 years; the SAT will consider evaluations that have taken place within the past 5 years.

3. The student must be currently eligible for or receiving extended time on tests and exams at his high school.

So if your son has a current psychological-educational evaluation on file with us recommending that he receive extra time on national standardized tests, it is important that he apply for extended time testing no later than the second semester of his junior year.

To apply for ACT or SAT extended time testing, your son’s first step is to meet with his counselor. We are required to complete special forms and provide documentation that will accompany your son’s application for extended time testing. Since applying for special accommodations is a time consuming process, students must meet with counselors to request extended time testing on the ACT or the SAT at least 2 weeks before the registration deadline.

Please be aware that students apply for extended time testing. Simply because a student has documentation indicating that requires extended time does not mean that he will automatically receive it.  The ACT and the SAT ultimately determine who qualifies for extended time testing. It is also important to note that applying to the ACT or the SAT for extended time testing is a separate process. If a student qualifies for extra time on one test, this by no means indicates that he will be granted extended time on the other.

If you have questions regarding ACT and SAT extended time testing, please contact me your son’s counselor.