CBHS Students Trained as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

CBHS Students Trained as Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

On Sunday, September 17, a training session was held for the training of Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion at CBHS. Twelve young men attended the six-hour session. Msgr. John McArthur, AFSC, CBHS Chaplain, and Deacon Jeff Drzycimski were the main presenters of the program. The students were taught the theology of the Eucharist and the Real Presence of Jesus in the Mass. This was done from the perspective of the early Church. A presentation was given on the sixth chapter of John’s Gospel called the Eucharistic Discourse. Mass was celebrated in a teaching manner. The ritual was explained and broken down explaining its purpose and meaning.


Lindsey Neuman, Director of Mission and Ministry, and Mary Delgado, Campus Minister, were instrumental in helping the trainees on the practical aspects of being a minister. They explained the details: decorum in dress and behavior, how to respond to non-Catholics approaching the minister for a blessing, how and where to stand, when to come to the altar, how to distribute the Body of Christ, and how to share and cleanse the sacred vessel containing the Precious Blood.


“The young men were very respectful and eager to be more active in their faith at school and in their respective parishes,” said Neuman.


(PHOTO) From left, Msgr. John McArthur (Chaplain), Mrs. Mary Delgado (Campus Minister), Connor Fermi, William Mangin, Hughes Raiford, Daniel Ward, Sam Goodman, Alan Black, William Slavney, Joseph Campagna, Andrew Pepper, Mrs. Lindsey Neuman (Dir. of Mission and Ministry), Sam Barnett (not pictured: Sean Dolan and Cooper Smith)