CBHS students win Twitter contest as Top Student Section in country

CBHS students win Twitter contest as Top Student Section in country

The Christian Brothers High School Student Section was victorious as the top student section in the country in a Twitter contest, sponsored by TOP Student Section @SectionGoals. The announcement was made January 25 via Twitter polling.

With 22 thousand followers, TOP Student Section contacted assistant basketball coach Brad Luckett who provided a still shot of our crowd and Webster Cannon, moderator of the Brothers Leadership Council, who provided a 12-second video of CBHS students “in action.”

Announcement of the contest was made Dec 22. “There will be a POLL contest to have a NEW Student Section as our 2017 header! Tweet me school(s) & I'll start the rounds tomorrow! To be entered, the Student Section must: • have a student section account • have a decent student body (50+) How the contest goes: • 4 student sections in EACH poll / 8 polls (32 schools) • remaining 2 each round move on • 4 days to vote each round .”

After that, the voting, via Twitter, began with the question “Who has the BEST Student Section in 2016? DM us your school name and location with pictures as well! Follow us to be on sooner!”

Round 1 Results - Dec 23, 2016

21%      Lakeland HS (MI)
30%      Chino Hills HS
16%      North Paulding HS (GA)
33%      Christian Brothers HS (TN)

Round 2 Results - Dec 28, 2016

27%      Christian Brothers HS (TN)
21%      Pickerington Central
24%      Leesville HS (NC)
28%      Carl Sandburg HS (IL)

Round 3 Results - Jan. 4, 2017

27%      Christian Brothers HS (TN)
27%      Millard West HS (NE)
25%      Mason HS (OH)
21%C   Chino Hills HS

Round 4 Jan. 14, 2017

27%      St. Xavier HS (OH)
28%      Christian Brothers HS (TN)
 22%     Franklin HS (TN)
 23%     Millard West HS (NE)

CBHS thus advanced to the final round and defeated St. Xavier High School in Ohio 51% to 49% with 9,258 votes cast. Congratulations, CBHS students, alumni, family, and friends for putting us over the top.