Lasallian Days of Peace prayer service promotes peace, harmony

Lasallian Days of Peace prayer service promotes peace, harmony

On September 24, as a part of the International Lasallian Days of Peace, CBHS students, faculty and staff participated in a school wide prayer service focused on a theme from the Beatitudes in Matthew’s Gospel: “Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.” Following Christ’s teachings, they prayed to be peacemakers with their families, neighbors and communities and to promote peace and harmony among all.

Part of the service included the introduction of Our Lady of Fatima statue which is traveling throughout the Diocese of Memphis this month. The purpose of the statue is to bring the graces of Fatima and Our Lady’s message of hope, peace and salvation for all people. The custodian of the statue, William Sockey, addressed the school and called for students to pray for and spread peace to everyone they meet. He shared the story of Fatima—in 1917 an apparition of Mary appeared to three children and asked them to dedicate themselves and their prayers to bringing God’s message of unity, peace, and love to others in their lives. Like the three children at Fatima, Mr. Sockey urged students to continue to pray for healing and peace as it is needed especially now in our world.

Students responded positively to the service. Brothers Leadership Council President, JT Novarese felt the message was very applicable to teenagers today. He stated, “the message of peace and tolerance resonates well with our school’s mission to be an inclusive environment that welcomes all. Particularly this homecoming week, the most important thing to remember is to accept all of our Brothers’ Boys, no matter the differences. And when we encounter struggles in our lives we should offer them over to God.”

Senior Alex Lucchesi, Vice-President of the Brothers Leadership Council, echoed the sentiments that “the story of Our Lady of Fatima shows us how essential it is to always trust in God, especially when we are facing difficulties.”

Lawson Tyrone, a senior, agreed that the prayer for peace was fortuitous as it provided students an opportunity to pause in their day and consider what truly matters—“the service presented the message of peace among all people, and with all the commotion outside of school, it was appropriate to spend time praying for unity and harmony.”

The service ended with Chris Fay, Principal, speaking to the students and reminding them of the values at the core of Lasallian schools—an inclusive community and respect for all. As he dismissed students, he asked them to carry out Christ’s message to be peacemakers and demonstrate respect and love for every person.